Having established themselves in the enduro world using Sachs motors, SWM launched in 1977 the all new RSGS model which used the revolutionary Rotax disc valve motor.

Available in 125/175 and 250 versions, SWM had designed an all new frame using Colombus tubing and incorporated Marzocchi suspension, opaque Acerbis plastics and Grimeca hubs which had a quick release cush drive rear wheel.


TF1 1979

Although at first glance the TF1 model launched in 1979 looked very similar to the previous RSGS model, there are very few shared components.

Longer Marzocchi forks, new frame, swing arm, airbox, Corte Cosso remote reservoir rear units, new Acerbis plastics and a completely new exhaust system were the visible upgrades.

Still available in 125 and 175, the new 250 motor had changed to a 72mm piston with a longer stroke and a 5 speed gearbox.


TF1 1980

1980 introduced a colour change to the TF1. The 125/175 and 250 models were essentially the same as the previous year but the red/white colour combo had been changed for orange and black.

New for 1980 was the introduction of the open class 347/370/440 case reed valve motor which was easy to identify by its all orange finish


TF1 1981

1981 saw yet another cosmetic change for the popular TF1 range when the opaque plastics were replaced by orange, and a new orange plastic tank replaced the well used steel item


TF3 1982

Launched in 1982 the TF3 model was a complete make over for the now 3 year old TF1.

New frame and swingarm, leading axle 38mm Marzocchi forks, piggy back Corte & Cosso units, along with new plastics were the main differences.

The Rotax motors remained mainly unchanged, with only subtle changes to the other cycle parts.


TF3 1983

The 1983 version of the TF3, sported a new colour scheme, with solid white plastics replacing the familiar orange.

Gone was the beautiful alloy swingarm, to be replaced by a silver painted steel unit along with a longer seat, and return to Marzocchi rear suspension